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Barcode Labels

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Experts with Data and Location Files

Getting an accurate picture of your location needs is vital to a successful installation. This is why we always take extra care with your data to make sure we hit the ground running going forward


Top Quality Barcoding Labels

We manufacture all our barcode labelling and signage in-house to the highest standards. Ensuring we always make easy to read, well adhering, and extremely durable racking and shelf labels


Professional and Swift Installation Teams

Our teams have years of experience completing label installations to the highest of standards with minimum downtime. Because our entire process is in-house, we can also guarantee minimum delays to completion

Barcode Labels

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Experts in all aspects of Barcode Labelling

With years of experience in barcode label solutions, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality labels made with the best materials. Finding the right size, variety, and style of barcoding labelling is always vital to our clients.

We work closely with clients in finding the most cost-effective solutions while still providing the highest level of service. Whether you need to split your labels across multiple designs or supplied in a variety of sizes, we will find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

Barcode Labels FAQs

What are Barcode Labels?

Barcoding labels are a vital part of a warehouse storage facility. They provide systematic and accurate identification of inventory items with the facility. They usually consist of a series of graphic patterns that contain data within a machine-readable format, which is used for tracking stock within the storage space.

What types of Barcoding Labels we offer?

We offer linear barcodes, which are barcodes made up of a sequence of bars and spaces that contain alphanumerical characters – this is known as Universal Product Code. We also offer 2D barcode labels, which consist of patterns of dots, squares, and geometric shapes. 2D barcode labels can store significantly more information and are rising in popularity.

Can they be customised to my needs?

Our barcode labels are customised to your precise requirements. We offer a range of label shapes, sizes, fonts, and colours to adhere to specific preferences. Our custom barcode labels can also include additional information such as product names, descriptions, or pricing. We can design the labels to accommodate your placement requirements within the layout of the storage space.

What is the best way to use Barcode Labels?

Before purchasing barcode labels, it’s important to implement a well-planned approach which maximises the benefits of using the labels and supports a productive and efficient operation. You should analyse the layout of the facility to determine the optimal placement for the labels. The barcode labels should be easily accessible and visible on shelves and racks so they can be easily scanned.

It’s important for the barcode labels to made of durable material to extend their lifespan and prevent frequent repurchasing of faded and damaged labels. Our barcode labels are made from resilient materials that can withstand various warehouse environments, including cleaning processes and heavy footfall.

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High quality barcoding labels delivers many benefits

Whether it be racking labels, shelving labels, or warehouse floor labels, Warehouse Solutions Group have a solution for you.
Converting to a modern WMS with scannable locations is a sure fire way of increasing efficiency and throughput. Easily identifiable locations will massively increase your pick rates and accuracy.

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Igor Nowak Warehouse Manager

I was very impressed with Warehouse Solutions Group and how quickly they labelled our racking. They didn't disrupt us operations at all and where done in no time! When they

Marta Duda Logistics

We've used WSG for our last 3 installs and have always been 100% satisfied. Their labels are high quality, colourful and easy to read for the warehouse operatives. On top

David Markers WMS Consultant

We've worked with many different label printers and installers over the years, and these guys are the best we've dealt with. They understand the complete picture from the start of

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