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Experts with Data and Location Files

Getting an accurate picture of your location needs is vital to a successful installation. This is why we always take extra care with your data to make sure we hit the ground running going forward


Top Quality Warehouse Floor Labels

We manufacture all our labels and signage in-house to the highest standards. Ensuring we always make easy to read, well adhering, and extremely durable warehouse floor labels


Professional and Swift Installation Teams

Our teams have years of experience completing floor label installations to the highest of standards with minimum downtime. Because our entire process is in-house, we can also guarantee minimum delays to completion

Warehouse Floor Labels

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Experts in all aspects of Floor Labelling

With years of experience, we understand the operational needs of ensuring a well organised and health and safety efficient warehouse. Our warehouse floor label solutions help you to maximise your logistical efficiency whilst maintaining a safe working environment for your employees. Designed to withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic, our floor labels ensure long-lasting performance in demanding warehouse environments.

We work closely with clients in finding the most cost-effective floor label solutions while still providing the highest level of service. Whether you need floor labels for directions, identifying hazards, locating exits, or other safety and logistical messaging, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Floor Labels FAQs

What are Warehouse Floor Labels?

These are floor labels for warehouses. They aid in identifying and locating inventory within the facility by providing clear and visible information. They are placed in strategic locations throughout the facility in order to create an efficient and organised storage space that is easy to navigate.

What types of Flooring Labels do we offer?

We offer various types of warehouse floor labels, including barcode labels, colour-coded labels, alphanumerical labels, magnetic and adhesive floor labels, and floor stencils. We have a wide range of options that cater to different budgets, durability requirements and differing warehouse operations.

Can they be customised to my needs?

Our warehouse floor labels are customised to your precise requirements. These include barcode labels which can be scanned using handheld devices, as well as being integrated into warehouse management systems which provide real-time updates on stock. Our alphanumerical labels are a combination of numbers and letters, which offers a calculated approach to labelling sections of the facility and creates ease of navigation.

Our labels are made with durable material that is resistant to heavy pallets, frequent traffic, and cleaning processes.

What is the best way to use Floor Labels?

Warehouse floor labels are best placed in easily visible locations, which is particularly useful in crowded spaces. When purchasing the labels, it’s important to consider the appropriate size and format for the warehouse layout and possible obstacles preventing clear identification of the labels.

It’s important to make regular inspections of the floor labels to ensure they remain visible, readable, and intact. Our labels are made with sturdy, durable materials which extend their life considerably.

By creating a well-structured floor labelling system, you can reduce errors, expedite shipping processes, and improve the overall management of inventory

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Increase Efficiency and Productivity

High quality floor labelling delivers many benefits

Whether it be racking labels, shelving labels, or warehouse floor labels, Warehouse Solutions Group have a solution for you.
Converting to a modern WMS with scannable locations is a sure fire way of increasing efficiency and throughput. Easily identifiable locations will massively increase your pick rates and accuracy.

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Igor Nowak Warehouse Manager

I was very impressed with Warehouse Solutions Group and how quickly they labelled our racking. They didn't disrupt us operations at all and where done in no time! When they

Marta Duda Logistics

We've used WSG for our last 3 installs and have always been 100% satisfied. Their labels are high quality, colourful and easy to read for the warehouse operatives. On top

David Markers WMS Consultant

We've worked with many different label printers and installers over the years, and these guys are the best we've dealt with. They understand the complete picture from the start of

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We offer a complete direct-to-beam service. With years of experience in the logistics and fulfilment industries, we can help you with any query or questions you might have. Whether it be to do with a new WMS, label design, location file, or even simply querying timescales, Warehouse Solutions Group is here to help.

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