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Shelf Labels | How to Label your Warehouse Racking for Maximum Efficiency

August 24, 2021 admin Comments Off
Shelf Labels - Warehouse Solutions Group

Shelf labels are swiftly becoming a necessity in any warehouse labelling system. Industry experts are predicting that the rapid rate of growth in eCommerce will put even greater demands on supply chains in 2022. This will mean more reliance on warehouse packing and storage facilities and expectations of next day or even same-day deliveries.

To meet these quick-turnaround deadlines, warehouse companies will need to be operating and dealing with products as efficiently as possible. This involves every stage of the process, particularly the accurate storage and swift retrieval of goods.

This is where bespoke and high-quality labelling comes in. Not only will this afford a great degree of organisation in the warehouse, but it will cut find-and-locate times by a vast amount, giving you back that precious time that could be spent elsewhere.

What are shelf labels?

This simple yet widely popular choice for warehouses is ideal for operations with smaller items. Shelf labels are used for labelling smaller sizes of racking, often with a more basic shelf layout scheme, making them the perfect choice for any storage system that involves large numbers of smaller items.

Colour Shelf Labels - Warehouse Solutions Group

The way that shelf labels work is that the one shelf label will represent a single location. This makes them one of the most efficient methods on the market.

How to label warehouse racking with shelf labels

We always recommend that you first observe the current processes in the warehouse and confer with staff who will be scanning the shelf labels to enquire as to what works and what doesn’t work for them at the moment. This is the best method to ensure you install a comprehensive shelf labelling system that will improve staff performance rather than hinder it.

Tips for efficient shelf labels in your warehouse

Shelf Labels - Warehouse Solutions Group

Number from the group up

You should always make sure that your warehouse shelves are numbered from the group up. This will make it far easier to add height to your shelves as the warehouse stock grows and mitigates the need to relabel shelves.

Inspect for shelf label consistency

One of the main ways labelling systems in a warehouse can prove problematic is when there is a lack of consistency in labelling numbers and practices. This can throw a spanner in the location and storage system as well as confuse employees and only add to the time it takes the find shelves.

Include your label manufacturer in your project planning team

This can be an incredibly valuable move on your part when it comes to preparation in the warehouse. To avoid rush production charges, errors, or underestimating the scope of the job, you should consider including your label manufacturer in your warehouse project planning team.

Not only will they be able to understand the demands of your warehouse, but they will be able to confer with you and discuss the best possible shelf labelling solution in terms of your real needs.

Professionally installed Shelf Labels - Warehouse Installations Group

Order the right shelf labels for the warehouse environment and technology

Before you go ahead and order shelf labels for your warehouse, you should consult with the ground team in the warehouse. The questions you should be asking include:

• What surfaces will the labels be applied to and what material is this?
• What sort of operation or labelling solution would be most beneficial here?
• What scanning technology is used already?

Warehouse Solutions Group is a label manufacturer and expert installing service with high-quality and long-lasting warehouse labels and racking labels. We offer the printing and installation of barcoded electronic shelf labels for warehouses and logistics.

For more information about our services or about shelf labels, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team to learn more or inquire about what we can do for your company.